Mixed Media

Works in Pen, Ink, Watercolour and Inktense Pencils


‘Landscape painting catches at those unexpected ideas and emotions that come, and so easily go, on days of no particular importance. It shows life not as a development but as a condition.’ (NEVE, 1990)

Cloudscape Four
Cloudscape 3
Turquoise Coral
Lake Annecy
Cloudscape One
Cloudscape 6 small
Cloudscape Two
Cloudscape 5 small
Cloud rust
Mountain in cloud

The Alps

‘Nature is stronger than the strongest man and there is no going against it. It finds its way into his imagination via all his senses; it becomes part of his spirit, and then, with great care and sensitivity, it may be brought back again by hand into the visible world and somehow recognized.’ (NEVE, 1990)

Lake Annecy
Mountain Rush
Tricolour Mont Blanc
View of Mont Blanc small
Mont Blanc from Pormenaz
View from Lac de Pormenaz
Incoming Storm
Annecy Port Sunset
Austrian Mist
Lake Annecy from Mont
Annecy from La Tournette
La Tournette In Snow
Semnoz Pines
Grand Bernand View
Alpine Scene
On Top of the World
View from La Tournette
View down towards Flaine
View towards Albigny
Annecy Old Town Two
September Sunshine
Down towards Flaine
Annecy Old Town


‘Landscape painting has always been about what is it like to be in the world and in a particular condition.’ (NEVE, 1990)

Wells at Low Tide
Thornham Dunes View
Holme Board Walk
Spring in Norfolk
Migration over Thornham
Thornham Dunes
View From The Undercliff
Thornham River At Low Tide
View Towards Holme
Beach At Low Tide
Thornham Beach

Lily Pond

‘The truth strikes you, when you see it, as unmistakable because it represents not just a way of seeing landscape but a state of mind.’ (NEVE, 1990)

Diagonal View
Still Beauty
Panoramic Lilly
Mirror Pond
Colourful Square
Detailed Lilly Pad
Homage to Giverny


‘Many have said that they try not to interpose themselves too consciously between the landscape and their work, but let it flow through them unobstructed by their intellect.’ (NEVE, 1990)

Cloudy River Soar
River Soar Bridge
Woodland Scene
Green Paradise
Sea of Crocuses
Yellow Blossom


‘The land is the foundation on which everything stands; the ground of all action and all feeling. Pictures of it cannot be caged any more than the landscape itself can be caged. They have a life of their own, which is the life of the spirit.’ (NEVE, 1990)

River Nene
Flooded Rowing Lake
View From The Undercliff
Stormy Rowing Lake


‘Paintings are about feelings not rationality; about imagination not common sense.’ (NEVE, 1990)

Ode to Giverny
The Deep Beyond
Deep Square
Japanese Pattern Pond
The canal at Night
Window to the Exotic
Blue Yellow Reflection
Dew Drops
Colourful Mirror