Old Oil Paintings

Untitled 2
The Depths Beneath
Autumn Leaves Version 2
Peach Solstice
Botanical Dreams Two
Brought Home
Universally speaking
Arboreal Dream
Fathoms Below Two
Celestial Gathering
The Meeting
Autumn Leaves Revisited Three
Autumn Leaves Revisited Two
Autumn Leaves Revisited One
Up and Up
The Swimmers
Cloud Swimmers
Luminous Dream
Urban Reflection
Queen's Park Two
Queen's Park Summer
Reflection Study
Fathoms Below
Calanques Vista
Calanques Sea View
Dappled Reflection
Night Reflection
London Lights
London Lights Sketch
Shanghai at Night
Mountain Sketch
Turner's Storm
Violent Clouds
Untitled Four
The decadence of Spring
Jamaican Dreams
Peter's Island
Untitled 3
Untitled 2
Untitled 1
Midnight blossom
Magical Green
Green Haze
Light Breaks One
Light Breaks Two
Light Breaks Three
Colourful depths
Leaf Drop
Glossy Depths
Bright Darkness
Yellow Blossom
Queen's Park at Night
Blue Mirror
Lilly Drip
Long drip
Autumn Leaves Detail
Autumn Leaves,
Into the Deep
Storm Passed
Breaking Clouds
Dramatic Storm
Wild Clouds
Blustery Breeze
Bubble Gloss
Oil Bubble