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Annecy Old Town

Annecy Old Town

The ancient buildings of Annecy, the historic market town in the French Alps, can be seen through the lush foliage which edges the stream, in which is reflected the vibrant blue of the sky and the warm terracotta of the buildings. Bold ink pen details combine with a vibrant inktense pencil wash to create an atmospheric piece which captures the colourful beauty of the alpine town.


I lived in Annecy, France, for a year and a half and I loved immersing myself in the amazing landscape and recording my experiences in paint.


Please note that this painting is not currently framed; the framed image is for illustrative purposes only.

Framing can be arranged for an additional cost. Contact me at to enquire.

  • Original painting
    Ink and inktense pencil with wash on gerstaecker 200gms watercolour paper
    30w x 40h cm
    August 2015

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