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Autumn Leaves Revisited One

Autumn Leaves Revisited One

This painting forms part of a series of works which capture momentary encounters with nature. They elevate ordinary elements, drawing a closer focus to their existence, their form, and their beauty, encouraging viewers to take a closer look at the nature that surrounds them.


The imagery for this painting was inspired by the multi-layered reflections of slow-moving water with leaves floating on top. It focuses on the complex yet beautiful shapes and patterns that emerge, capturing a fleeting, ethereal composition created by nature which is here one moment and gone the next.


Leaves of burnt orange, white and pale yellow float delicately over a multi-layered and finely blended background of prussian, ice and cobalt blue, conjuring a watery landscape which sparkles with beauty and intrigue.

  • Original painting

    Oil on canvas

    90 x 90 x 3.5 cm


    December 2019

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