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Autumn Leaves Version 2

Autumn Leaves Version 2

This vibrant, original oil painting is inspired by autumn leaves floating on a canal and the myriad of colours, shapes, layers and reflections this creates. It seeks to capture something of the beauty and infinite value as well as the ever-changing essence of the natural spaces within our day to day lives.


This intricate oil painting layers crisp, autumnal yellow, orange and red leaf-like shapes and crystalline white reflections, glazed with ultramarine and phthalo blue over an emerald green backdrop, patterned with browns, greens, blues and whites. The bright leaves lend a vibrancy and sense of movement and joy, while the dark blue glaze and contrasting white crystalline shapes create a sense of the magical within the mundane.

  • Original painting

    Oil on canvas

    90 x 90 x 2 cm


    November 2020

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