Glorious Reflection

Glorious Reflection

Inspired by the reflections in a pond, this work explores the infinite intricacies of reflections within nature’s design and the restorative and restful properties they hold.


This unique painting explores the calming, hidden depths of ultramarine and Prussian blue, interspersing this with outlines of botanical shapes of antique white, with alizarin crimson and pine and emerald green highlights.


This painting is framed in a white wood tray frame.


Glorious Reflection can be paired with its sister paintings, Dusk Glimmer or Secret Garden to create a Diptych or Triptych (set of two or three paintings).


This painting is currently only available through Art Dog, London. Please visit for more information.

  • Original painting

    Oil on canvas

    90 x 90 x 2 cm


    March 2021