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In Anticipation of Spring Three

In Anticipation of Spring Three

This striking original oil painting on canvas references the natural world, combining strong, vibrant colours in shades of fuchsia pink, lemon yellow, emerald green and scarlet red against an ultramarine blue background. It is part of a triptych, a series of three paintings.


It is part of a triptych, a series of three paintings, and the photograph which inspired this triptych was taken in Kew Gardens in London. I was inspired by the sheer abundance of life, the riotous, joyous colour and the endless variety in sizes and shapes in the natural world. The paintings celebrate nature, the source of all life, in all its glory, expressing this in an explosion of contrasting colours and joyful brush strokes.


This painting also speaks of hope and choosing to see the good and beautiful amongst the painful and the unexplainable. The ‘empty’ parts of the painting have come to reflect that we will never know everything in life and some things will always remain a mystery and a sadness. However, seeing the good in every situation remains our choice and here I choose to focus on light, life, joy and beauty, I choose to hope. Whilst we may be in winter now, Spring is not far away.


This painting can be paired with In Anticipation of Spring One or Two.

  • Original painting
    Oil on canvas
    90h x 90w x 3.5d cm
    October 2021

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