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Light Breaks Three

Light Breaks Three

This monumental original oil painting captures the unfolding drama of the natural world through saturated colour and expressive brush strokes. Multicoloured leaves in shades of scarlet red, burnt orange, and deep indigo dance across a backdrop of prussian blue and bright white clouds. The sheer scale of this piece creates a fully-immersive experience, creating a window into another world.

This painting was inspired by leaves floating over reflections of clouds, creating a surreal landscape suspended in time and space. It plays with the materiality of paint, enjoying its lustrous depths of colour and versatile properties, allowing for freedom of expression through the vehicle of paint and a brush.

An image of the three paintings in this series is included for scale.

  • Original painting

    Oil on canvas

    140 x 200 x 3.5 cm


    Bespoke shipping arrangements required due to size. We will contact you to arrange this.

    May 2013

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